Black Hat SEO Strategy

These Strategies Are Regarded Black-Hat for A Reason.

This Page Is To Observe The Strategies That You May Hear About From Different SEO’s.
These Maybe not Reliable Strategies and While Some May possibly perform In the Short Term.

In the long run they WILL have Your Website Penalized or Banned.

Generally webmasters make an attempt to trick the search engines into ranking sites and pages reproduce on illegitimate technique.

So this is done by making use of interlinking, hidden text, doorway pages, keyword spamming, cloaking, quick-redirect or other means they are premeditated to only amaze search engine to place a website high in the rankings.

As a result of this, website’s using black-hat SEO strategy drop from top rankings too soon than they can think of (if they do go up at all).

These techniques are not stated to help you “trick” the search engines, instead it’s our advice to never use these strategies or techniques (however might find some applying and proposing this technique as authentic)

Be aware of such SEO’s and free advice giving services.

Consequently large quantity of tricks and scripts used against search engines, possibly it might not be probable to number all over here.

Few black-hat technique used are listed below

Several SEO’s and webmasters have only altered the below techniques hoping that the brand new technique may work. Truthfully they might, but however not permanently and probably not for long.

Few of the Black-Hat SEO Strategy still in Practice:

As each term details are available online so we have just key in few terms below:

  • Redirects
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Hidden text
  • Doorway pages
  • Cloaking
  • Link Farming
  • Duplicate sites
  • Reporting Your Competitors
  • Duplicate Content
  • Meta Keyword Stuffing
  • 301 Redirects
  • Throw away domains
  • Automatically generated keyword pages
  • Scraping
  • Ad only pages
  • Duplicate content on multiple domains
  • Different content for search engines than users

I tech seo has never and will never used any such methods names Black hat seo to get your website in ranking, we believe in healthy and natural search engine ranking so we follow white hat seo method only!