At I Tech Search Engine Optimization we do understand that you want to make a profit from your online business via ethical white hat SEO promotions.

We don’t deserve full payment of our services if we are unable to get First page rankings for your targeted keyword phrases.

As a client, it’s liable and good for you to know that we’re continuously motivated – not just by self-esteem and craving for success – but also by knowing that our income is at risk if we don’t get your website onto the first page.

What’s there is Guaranteed SEO Services?

To steer clear of any confusion as to what our guarantee means it is summarized below with an example rankings-set included.

For any elucidation or uncertainty associated to our guaranteed SEO services, feel free to contact ITechSEO

Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Summary:

Before the beginning of any promotion the first step is to decide on the list of targeted keywords as better keyword ranking is the primary step to increased Web traffic. Normally this list consists of between 4 and 6 phrases.

The guarantee will be met, if below mentioned following conditions are attained:

  • On one or more of the major search engines your primary targeted phrase will rank on the first page
  • On one or more of the major search engines a minimum of 3 targeted keyword phrases will be rank on first page
  • On major search engines a minimum of 5 top 20 rankings will be achieved

To be crystal clear, this guarantee would be achieved in the following subsequent condition:

Attained Rankings

Targeted Phrase Google Yahoo! Bing
Primary Phrase #5 #17 #12
Second Phrase #3 #5 #5
Third Phrase #14 #7 #18
Fourth Phrase NA #16 #20
Fifth Phrase #7 #7 #5

Based on above ranking synopsis we can summarize it as:

Phrases on First page (Top 10) — 9

Phrases on Second Page (Top 20) — 14

(First page rankings count as top 20 rankings. We want to show ethical natural top ranking and avoid being penalized by achieving more top rankings on first page and less on second page (top 20).

In short by getting the above explained ranking, Guaranteed SEO agreement is fulfilled – Achieved.

What is covered in Guarantee?

Once the targeted keyword phrases have been corroborated and concord to by our clients. A promotion will start with all expenses including any search engine submissions, directory submissions, and other submission including miscellaneous costs associated with the promotion are covered by I Tech SEO under our guarantee. To get started on your campaign we only need a payment of your first half of the total cost of your contract.

No extra payment needs to done for the promotion unless the targeted keyword phrase ranking is achieved

At the launch of each promotion I Tech SEO client will pay the 50% of the total promotion cost with the outstanding 50% remain unpaid for completion. If I Tech SEO fails to meet up the guarantee settled upon – we don’t get that final 50%.

Basically, you lose, if you don’t get results. It only seems fair that we should lose too.

Care about Google only – Then What?

Google only guarantee is what we most frequently get asked about? Our danger gets augmented if the opportunity is less or to one, for any undertaking chnage in risk scenario means change in charges for the work.

Merely Google guarantee is alike to the guarantee we enclosed here, but through 5 or 6 keyword phrase standard promotion guarantee would be for the following:

  • On Google your main targeted phrase will rank on the first page
  • On Google 3 targeted keyword phrases will rank on first page
  • On Google 5 top 20 rankings will be achieved

Charge is 50% more for Google only guarantee results.

It’s crystal clear that when we work on a site – the main agenda is to get rank on all search engines including Google. Any additional pay is not paid by you but however if you would like this guarantee then we are ready to work.

Under Guarantee what are not covered?

Our internet marketing guarantee SEO packages which we offer are not outlined. This consists of link building, consulting and training services, paid appraisal and our inexpensive SEO packages. Our apology for not rendering to such guarantee services since performance of our suggestions may or may not be as we laid them out.

If we did it by our self then also we cannot assure that it will bear the same results, so our affordable SEO packages offer the client an alternative that have shortage of cash and can’t afford our guaranteed SEO service.

As affordable SEO packages have lower risk on us so we can offer the same to our client at a lower price.

Guaranteed SEO Services – Something more you should know

Pages of conversation or chat can be written for numerous guarantee but we like to KISS (Keep It Simple and Sweet). On major search engines top positions will be achievable or else we don’t get full payment.

For any further query, please feel free to contact ITEchSEO

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