I Tech Search Engine Optimization offer SEO consulting services to companies wishing to:

  • Possess search engine optimization in-house but require an initiate through consultation with SEO’s who already boast a concrete understanding of what’s going on in the world of search engine and what’s coming up.
  • Be alert of what their competition is doing and how the gaps in their optimization may be used to bang them.
  • Know the way their site layout achieve or neither be on top in search engine and quickly learn how to make best use of their site structure and developed search engine friendly sites later on.
  • Acquire in-depth information of what keyword targets set to be mainly profitable.
  • Identify how to build up an exceptional link building course to make best use of the hours used up building best possible links.
  • Or all of the above.

Companies need guidance on one or more of the distinctive features of their website. We offer consulting services to build trust and belief that you get the right SEO recommendation, and allow you to optimize your website and also build on the same methodology in the future.

We will recommend steps for high rankings but does not perform or suggest steps on your domain with black-hat SEO strategy that could very well get your site penalized or even black-listed in the future.

I Tech SEO Personal and Telephone Consulting Services

Charge per hour along with an advance one hour telephone consultation required by us to know the different in and outs and the process on which certain functions and features on your site was designed and implemented. We do this in order to avoid and charge you falsely for any advice and implementation which cannot be implemented and can’t render benefits for your site function.

It would be good if the web designer is present at this initial consultation stage to help us understand the different area and functions implemented on your website for its smooth working

Charge for SEO consulting services – $200/hour
Travel time will be charged at $100/hr plus expenses, if travel is required

As a precautionary suggestion, to save your time and money we recommend to start with one of our paid reviews which will get you broad document to work from, which will reduce the hours of consultation by tackling many of the issue in advance.

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I Tech SEO Email Consulting Services

Rarely does it happen you hit upon an situation where you are not sure what to do and need some for assistance. Whatever the issue is in regards to whether link building, site structure, robots.txt, and canonicalization or any other factors at play in SEO.

When any questions arises and you don’t want to wait for 4 – 7 working days for reply then your email consulting services is a good choice. Get versed, precise answers to your SEO issue and know that you are doing correct thing to get your website in top ranks.

Charge for Email consulting services – $10/question

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