Frequently Asked Questions about Our Search Engine Optimization

A list of the few top questions related to search engine optimization and commercial that we get asked:

  1. What would do you do to my website?

That is probably one of the most complicated questions to answer as no two websites will be the same.Having said that, we will assess your keywords, competition, website layout and content to build up a ethical white hat SEO strategy to really get your website in top rankings.Strategy include onsite optimization (the modification of your content, SEO friendly information architecture, Meta tags, link structure, etc.), link creation including publishing your website to relevant directories, reciprocal link development and whatever other things that might be required.

  1. How essential are Meta tags?

Meta tags have been switched off form their legal weight in recent years. Since Meta tags don’t appear to a regular visitor as text they have been susceptible to misuse by many SEO and webmasters practicing unethical promotion steps. Due to such black hat practices the Meta tags have been off from shelf of many SEO.
Nevertheless Meta Tags optimization is an integral part of an intensive positioning strategy.

  1. What is the Time frame for the optimization process?

It depends on the site theme, market and the requirement to reach the top positions. A website with few pages (maybe 6 – 7 pages) in low competition market will take less time than a 250+ pages website competing very highly competitive keywords. An average 15 page website with moderate competition will take 2 to 3 weeks of optimization and months of link building and up to 12 months or so to attain rankings. You will certainly start seeing progress once the optimization is completed and few links are elected though in the majority of cases it takes months of link building to recognize the full effects of our SEO campaigns.

  1. Is my Website submitted to Search Engine as part of your service?

YES we do. Manual search engine and related directory submission are a part with all of our SEO services.

  1. How come link building is essential for high search engines rankings?

The number of good websites linking to your site is utmost important part of search engine optimization. The more related and quality websites link to your site will let search engines to consider your website as valuable and of high quality. Without an alternative to strong on-site optimization quality link building may significantly improve the effects of excellent search engine optimization.

  1. Will Website created in Flash affect in Ranking?

A question very difficult to answer you with the latest update it seems there is no issue but still a confirmed announcement is pending from Google and Adobe We recommend still going with html and using some flash with cautions.

  1. Should I need to produce a lot more content material to attain significant search engine rankings?

Response to that question right here is a substantial might be. Based on the levels of competition, how large is your established website and your competitors website, it will be decided whether additional content is needed or not? If it’s essential don’t consider it as a problem but instead a chance to inform your visitor and increase their knowledge graph. Demonstrate to them why your giving is remarkable and know what you are discussing. Take this opening to generate content to focus on correlated but a bit diverse keywords.

  1. Does span techniques are used in optimization?

“NO” and will never suggest anyone to try out as small time fame will leads to long time loss.

  1. What is blacklisting?

A website could be blacklisted if unethical search engine optimization strategies have been applied or if the search engine algorithm finds out that black hat SEO strategies have been applied. It can be extremely hard to recover from blacklisting. Usually it is simpler to start a new domain with website and move ahead in business and remove all unethical spam tactics from banned website.

  1. Spam tactics used by my competitors and benefiting them why?

Major search engines are unable to detect all spam easily but if it does then a new method is discovered to bypass it. Usually in matter of time algorithm will be able to detect it and penalized the website and also sites using spam can be reported and penalized individually.If you find any such activities in force then do a favor to yourself, to all internet user and search engine by reporting the matter.

Commercial Frequently Asked Questions about Our Search Engine Optimization

  1. How long have you been in the business?

Read I Tech About us Page

  1. Where are you located?

Where are you located?
I Tech Search Engine Optimization is located in beautiful Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us.

  1. So how exactly does your guarantee work?

Our guarantee relates to nearly all our SEO services. Our guarantee doesn’t connect with those where we make suggestions but aren’t really doing any work such as our SEO consulting services and paid reviews or wherever the task performed is particular  and doesn’t contain most of the services within our fully guaranteed packages for example our affordable SEO packages and link building services.

To learn more please visit our Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization page.

  1. What happens after you’ve attained top positions for my website?

Contract is considered complete once the guarantee is met. Now you have to decide what to do next to leave the contract or go for one of our maintenance packages and understand that you’ve got a partner to keep up and grow your own business and increase the Search engine ranking that you’ll need for the success of your online presence.

  1. I came to know that you can’t guarantee search engine optimization services. How can Beanstalk do it?

This argument is heard in Google’s SEO page, forums, post… etc. We also can’t promise or guarantee #1 search engine rankings, but we do know that studying various tactics and search engine results page (SERPs) on a normal basis and by following specific rules, we could actually guarantee top rankings by keeping informed in regards to what is functioning and why? Ensuring our client websites use every genuine search engine optimization strategy available.

  1. Do you use automated software?

“No” except for the rank checking tools. All optimization is human being oriented and performed

  1. How much are your search engine optimization services?

Please view our SEO services packages page or for a custom quote contact us.

  1. Can I do it myself?

Yes For Sure. With R&D, testing, spending infinite number of hours with proper search engine optimization campaign will take on top rank. Is it worth your time? Think over it! You dedicate all your time on your business with little time for SEO, so let the professional SEO work on your project.

  1. Can use of search engine optimization services hurt my rankings?

Never search engine optimization firm uses hurt your rankings. Though the strategies they use c an! If search engine is aware that you hired an SEO firm and have unique content, interlinking, nice designed, well-optimized website along with reliable and legitimate incoming links then none can penalize your website. But if the SEO firm you hired and using unethical and black hat strategies to attain ranking then you are liable to get off the SERPs page sooner or later.

  1. With which Client you don’t want to work?

We don’t work with Adults and Casino websites. We don’t want to work in same niche industries and due to some hiccups someone claiming my credit card has being hacked or what so ever?

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