At I Tech SEO everyone person is accepted and treated with par with their queries whether old or new. Every query by a person makes you individual new client of ours where you need or want to have SEO services information for your website and or first page guaranteed ranking

We offer a wide range of ethical SEO service and are happy to discuss, assist your business, websites with a clear developed organic SEO strategy that will possibly provide the highest ROI.

From customizable organic SEO Services packages provided by us or to the one needed by you can be discussed in order for you to mark online presence and rank on First page of major search engine with white-hat SEO Services.

Guaranteed SEO Services

Guaranteed SEO Services is the choicest package for most of our client.

This package is more costly than all our white SEO Services packages. It gives knowledge how dedicated and hard work we put into to get your keyword phrase onto First page of major search engine or else we don’t get paid.

“We don’t get paid” what does it mean?

Guaranteed SEO Services payment is split into two parts. First part is paid at the start of the promotion and the second half will be paid once the targeted keyword phrase is onto First page of major search engine or else “we don’t get paid”.

Price for this service varies based on the competition for your phrases.

Affordable SEO Services

Each of our SEO services packages is worth of value and money but for a few guaranteed SEO Services package is worth their try and need.

We have also crafted few non-guaranteed SEO Services packages which is reachable by all in comparison to price of our white hat guaranteed SEO Services.

Good optimizations consist of variety of ethical SEO strategies which is included in all our Search Engine Optimization services packages like onsite optimization, Title and Meta description optimization, reporting and editing for SEO friendly information, link building… etc

As this service reduce the risk on us so in return in reduce the risk on you in terms of money.

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