Use Videos In Online Marketing

Use Videos In Online Marketing

Online video is the future of content marketing

Why to use Videos In Online Marketing?

  1. Video builds trust and helps in with conversion and authority
  2. Video is helpful in selling and retaining customers apart from introducing or educating viewers.
  3. Face-to-cameras videos can brand your profile further familiar
  4. Videos build emotion, which provokes an answer from people.

Where to catch Video Concepts?

  1. Your helpdesk – What people are asking? Their query and requirement?
  2. Live chat transcripts – Lookout for common topics, issue or query?
  3. Architect calls – Address high level questions
  4. Forums – Detect hot thread topics
  5. Everyday life – Get ideas from conversations, activities, or in the shower.

Making the Video

  1. Sketch your idea. Develop and breakdown it into logical sections in a document, or a whiteboard, or in Evernote.
  2. Record the video. It may be face to camera or a slide presentation with a voiceover.
  3. Edit the raw footage. Add an intro and outro, remove unwanted sections, add music. A team can come in handy for this part.

Publishing and Syndication of Video

  1. Embed the video on your website.
  2. Share the video on various social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  3. Attach and send your Video link to your email list.
  4. Put the Video on YouTube, its beneficial but on other hand you may face problem of getting the viewer back on to your site.

Testing Video streaming performance

Try different styles of Video to see what gets the best response. Some of the things you can test are:

  • Text slides versus face-to-camera versus cartoons versus image slides.
  • Color versus black and white
  • No music versus music
  • Click to play versus. autoplay

Helpful Tips For Online Video Marketing

  • Short videos are watch till the end by the people.
  • A video thumbnail that is captivating or reliable with your video message.
  • Making of more videos will improve its quality. Delete old stuff if it’s not required to life your brand value and increase marketing value too.
  • Best recommended format to use in sales videos is SPIN selling.

S – The customer’s situations
P – Their problem
I – The implication, or what could go wrong
N – Need or solution.

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