#Which #Social #Media #Platform Is #Ruled By #Women And #Men?

Which Social Media Platform Is Ruled By Women And Men?

Social Media Platform Finding For Business Success

Have you ever pondered who consume and is most active in social media more habitually: men or women? It might not appear to be an identical information or a part of stat, however in case the majority of your web visitors are of single gender, it will eventually have an impact on which social media sites you ought to focus and target.

To conserve your time a steady from various sources leads me to put in the data below to let you know the popular social sites used by whom more frequently? By knowing the stats you won’t discard your precious time marketing your business on a social site that isn’t used by your target audience.

Few Facts on Internet Usage and Who Rules Which Social Media Platform?

74% of Internet users use Social Networking site out of which 76% women and 72% men are internet users.

69% of adult women like to stay in touch with friends through social media compared to 54% of men.

69% of adult women like to stay in touch with friends through mobile compared to 39% of men.

71% of Internet users uses Facebook out of which 76% are women and 66% are of men.

394 is the average post on Facebook by women as compared to 254 by men.

Women have 55% more post on their walls as compared to men.

Women has 8% more friends as compared to men.

69% of Women are Facebook gamers as compared to 31% of men.

18.5% of Internet users use Twitter.

22% of Women uses twitter as compared to 15% of men.

Each month, 40 million more women visit twitter than men.

17%of Internet users use Instagram

20% of Women uses Instagram as compared to 15% of men.

Among top 50 brands’ followers on Instagram, 53% are women.

21%of Internet users use Pinterest

33% of Women uses Pinterest as compared to 8% of men.

22% of Internet users use Linkedin

19% of Women uses Linkedin as compared to 24% of men.

22% of Internet users use Google +

36% of Women uses Google+ as compared to 64% of men.

Youtube has 280 million active accounts out of which 46% are women and 54% are men.

25% of Men watch a video daily on Youtube.

17% of Men watch a video daily on Youtube.

Men spend an hour on average per week on Youtube as compared to 35 minutes of women.

If you are looking to target women, you should focus your efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest as women are more active in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

If you are targeting men, focus your energy on LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube as men are more active in Linkedin, Youtube & Google+.

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