15 Basic Tips to Increase Website Conversions Rates, Revenue by 157%

15 Basic Tips to Increase Website Conversions Rates, Revenue by 157%

Boosting your conversion rate is absolutely essential and vital. Having an excellent conversion rate is the need of hour and a vital catalyst to boost high sales volume.

Let’s assume your current target is always to increase your sales by 65%. Precisely how can you undertake it? Creating 65% more content? Put more than 65% of more time, work effort and money into marketing?

Web’s most powerful companies and e-commerce business market leader use this technique. Our 15 essential basic tips to increase website conversions rates and revenue by 157% is listed below:

  1. Design for smooth user experience (UX).
  2. Colors & contrast to guide your users towards your Call to Action.
  3. Richer Images, Allow Zoom, Video if Possible for views from different angles with minute details
  4. Speed up your site to keep it running as fast as you can manage
  5. One CTA per Page, Clear Message Construction to grab eyeballs.
  6. Inspire Trust by building faith in your brand. Having Security seals icon, Social proof & offering Return Guarantees and Free Trials.
  7. Obsessively, Test Regularly as 83% increase is seen in business metrics on average after a usability redesign.
  8. Engage consumers on your website while driving them with call to action like calling, emailing or completing a web form.
  9. With Live Chat engage visitors immediately.
  10. Your website must be Optimize for Mobile Conversions.
  11. If you are using Adwords for promotion then always use re-marketing to keep your business in top of users/visitor mind.
  12. Never use industry based jargon in any form and anywhere whether it’s on your website or your online promotion.
  13. Incentives in any form do help in to take action right away.
  14. Add testimonial/reviews from happy customers on web pages where it’s necessary.
  15. Add clear contact information by giving visitors confidence that your company is “real”.

After reading the 15 points, what are your decision? Leave it! or Simply Let it Go! Get up and implement the suggested 15 steps to increase revenue and conversion rate of your business.

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