21 Tips for Better Blogging and Client Conversion

21 Tips for Better Blogging and Client ConversionRead my previous 18 Tips for better blogging

  1. Pick a topic you are smart in and focus for the blog,
  2. Make sure to create content regularly
  3. Write as many informative blogs you can for yourself and others too
  4. What look as success for your blog? Find and concentrate on it
  5. Write what you are passionate about if you are not then it’s over.
  6. To be a leader in the field become a reader master to gain knowledge.
  7. From your blog deliver the message you are looking to carry across.
  8. Make your content easy to read and easy to share.
  9. Get syndicated as much as possible that are relevant to your industry.
  10. Submit your site to ranking engines, to get your content discovered.
  11. Share your own content across all social channels or marketing collateral you know or have information of.
  12. Save to drafts, as it’s not always you have to publish something right away
  13. Multi-media like sunshine, it’s great to mix it up, you can use charts, videos, images, tables, and anything else to spice up your content, as plain text is usually boring to read.
  14. Don’t do it! If you feel like not writing something or you think you have no ideas on a topic then don’t write
  15. Track your site with analytics, to know and improve your work on regular basis.
  16. Have an “about” page to Introduce yourself
  17. Be yourself. You aren’t writing a college thesis here, let your personality and your ideas come through.
  18. Know what you are talking about and who your audience are?
  19. Write on important stuff solving problems, gathering information from forums, Q&A website.
  20. Get to be different in solving issue and writing content
  21. Know queries, solve it build emotions and end with call to action

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